Our Ministries

At St. Matthew’s we have many ministries to encourage Spiritual growth and unity in our church. There are events throughout each week which are designed for every type of person in our congregation. A member of our Vestry as well as various members in the congregation work together to lead these groups.

-Men’s Ministry: Monthly Men’s Breakfasts, an annual men’s retreat, and various events to bring us together and encourage growth in healthy relationships.

-Women’s Ministry: Various bible studies, prayer breakfasts, and an annual women’s retreat

-Each week after our service we host an approximately 1-hour long Adult Sunday School Class focusing on a large variety of topics from church history to Bible studies

-Children’s Ministries: Sunday school classes and nursery provided each week, as well as Bi-weekly Youth bible study after church and a bi-weekly Saturday Youth Group event

-Evangelism, Missions and Outreach: These three ministries work together to help expand the love of Christ out from our church. We work with a large variety of mission groups in Portland as well as globally to care for those who have particular needs, as well as encouraging all who have Spiritual needs.

-Hospitality: Our team provides the materials each week for enjoying coffee and treats together, as well as supporting larger events such as brunches and bar-be-ques. They also help with events outside of our church building as well, such as through picnics at scenic parks, visits to various orchards, and church-wide trips outside of our local area.

Besides these, we have many other practical committees focused on caring for newcomers, financials, parish needs, worship, and the facilities.