The Rev David L HumphreyRector – David L. Humphrey

David was ordained in the Church of England in 1988 and ministered there until coming to St. Matthew’s in 2004. He is now a priest in the Anglican Church in North America. His aspiration is summarized by Colossians 1:28: “We proclaim Christ, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.” As Rector he is responsible for the Bible teaching and pastoral ministry at St. Matthew’s. He and his wife, Rachel, have four children.

Choir Director – Melinda Atkins Loomis

Melinda directs our choir of volunteer singers in weekly rehearsals and services singing hymns, psalm settings and anthems. Choral singing has been a major part of her life since age 7. She and her husband Paul met in a choir. It has been her joy to direct both church, school and civic choirs in Texas, California and Oregon. An equal component of her musical life has been the teaching of singing, begun at age 19 under the tutelage of Prof. Rosalind Phillips at Melinda’s undergraduate university, and continued over many years until retiring as adjunct prof. of music from Multnomah University in 2017. Paul and Melinda have been at St. Matthew’s since 2002.

Suzanne SmithOrganist – Suzanne Smith

Suzanne has served as full-time organist since October 2011 and finds it a wonderful challenge after playing piano for many years. Her thoughts on being an organist: “The organ is a keyboard and wind instrument, so its voicing and dynamic possibilities are almost endless. Some refer to the organ as the Holy Spirit’s voice in worship, so exploring how it can best serve the congregation’s needs is a privilege.”